Easy Meals for Moving Week

When moving, you'll want this list of Easy Meals for Moving Week! The move to a new place is far less stressful with the help of meals you can prep ahead of time or cook easily while all your stuff is in boxes.

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Before we moved into our first new house, I had plans to prep meals ahead of time so that we wouldn't have to eat out constantly for the first week while we were finding our kitchen items.

That plan didn't work out so well, so I had to figure out easy meals that I could make in our new kitchen. And in our old one too before we headed out to our new place.

These recipes are ones that don't require tons of gadgets and ingredients and a lot of them you can even buy disposable pans to cook in — in case you haven't found your baking dishes yet.

Whether you are moving across town or a farther distance, make sure you do some meal planning when you make your moving checklist, so you have a plan for when you get to the new place.

2022 update: We recently moved again, and I decided to update this list with some tips for cooking with less equipment as well as recipes that are truly easy when all your stuff is hanging out in boxes.

Trust me, I'm not above ordering pizza — or even heating up a frozen pizza — but you can only takeout and frozen meals so many times before you just crave a homecooked meal!

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Tips for Cooking for a Move

When you're working all day moving boxes or unpacking them, there's nothing better than a nice sit-down meal at the end of the day. It's way better than ordering a ton of pizza, especially if you plan ahead.

  1. Plan ahead. If you can, pick out a few of the meals below and schedule a grocery delivery or pickup for the day you land in your new spot.
  2. Use recyclable and/or compostable dishes. Buy a small pack of paper plates that you can recycle or compost until the dishes make their way out of a box.
  3. Buy a set of aluminum cooking pans. For oven cooking, these silver foil pans with lids are great for warming up food, and you can store them right in the fridge after if there are leftovers. You can clean them off and reuse them a few times if needed. A set of plastic food storage containers are great for cold stuff, and you can reuse them later.
  4. Make a few shortcuts. You don't have to make everything. It's okay to buy rolls, a bagged salad kit or frozen, steamable veggies like broccoli to serve on the side. A rotisserie chicken is also a great meal or salad topper.
  5. Use your grill. If you've got one, the grill is excellent because you don't have to use or wash many dishes. You can put everything right onto plates if needed. Make sure not to pack the tongs in your moving kit! We loved making Grilled Chicken Thighs to use in tons of moving week meals.

Of course, you're going to be a bit tired from packing and unpacking, but these dinners will rejuvenate your body and give you the energy to continue working hard.

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And now, let's get into those moving week recipes!

Recipes for Moving Week

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  1. Oh, this is BRILLIANT, lady! Making meals when you're in the process of moving is such a challenge, and I am saving this for later! Also, thank you for including my Honey Sriracha Chicken and Rice Bowls!

  2. These look amazing! When I moved in February these meals would have been so handy! And again when our oven broke. It is so tempting to want to pick up to-go food but I'm so glad this list exists to have in my back pocket for our next move. Or you know, anytime, because all of these look amazing.