Hey y'all! Welcome to A Joyfully Mad Kitchen, I'm so glad you found this space! I'm Madison Wetherill and I am the recipe developer, taste-tester, food photographer, and writer behind this blog.

About the Blogger

I'm Madison, or as some of my closest friends call me, "Mad".

When my husband and I got married, the only cooking I had done was out of necessity. I had just come off of having a meal plan in college and suddenly had to learn to cook for not just myself but for two people!

As I learned to cook, I began to see that food and cooking was shaping into a huge part of my life. I loved getting to use my hands for something other than computer work and I loved getting to experiment with new foods.

In our tiny apartment we began to have friends over for dinner frequently and I saw how easy it was to bring people together around the table. It was there that I realized hospitality would become a huge part of our life.

Now as a mama to 3 active boys, cooking is a regular part of every minute (okay, I'm exaggerating.. it's only every hour) and we focus on eating wholesome, delicious foods and sharing them with others as often as possible.

Lemon bar squares with powdered sugar arranged on a rectangular wire rack.
roasted cherry tomatoes on baking sheet
Overhead shot of fully cooked enchiladas. Accented by a bowl of pico de gallo and an avocado.
two beef burgers all the way on buns sitting on a wood board

About the Blog

I know that cooking can be overwhelming. I know there are a million different recipes on Pinterest, but that doesn't answer the question what's for dinner? I know that it's difficult opening your home to guests because there are a million things you feel like have to be just right.

I'm here to show you that cooking can bring true joy to your life and be an easy way to bring people together.

Hospitality doesn't have to be about a perfect pot roast or expensive dinnerware.

It's simply about showing up and letting your guard down just a little. I truly believe that life happens around the table. And cooking doesn't have to be something you just have to do - it can be something that enriches and brings value to your life!

On this blog, you'll find the tried and true recipes that my family and I eat and love to serve to friends and family (like rotisserie chicken enchiladas with homemade enchilada sauce or homemade hamburgers with fruit salad).

Each of the recipes on this blog is food that we actually eat in our house. With three boys in our family, I'll always try to share recipes that the whole family will enjoy - but I won't blame you if you hide the cupcakes from your kids. I get it. 😉

I hope that while you're here, a little part of you will feel like you're sitting on my couch, maybe watching me prepare dinner or sipping on a cup of coffee while we chat about how life's been recently. I am honored that you are here!

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