Easy Thanksgiving Appetizers

Whether you're the host or a guest, these easy Thanksgiving appetizers make sharing easier. From crostini's to dips, everyone will love these fall starters.

Looking for a perfect fall appetizer? Cranberry Goat Cheese and Butternut Squash Toast is perfect for fall parties, pre-holiday dinner snacks, or just as an appetizer before dinner. This butternut squash toast assembly combines all of the perfect fall flavors, with sweetness from cranberries and butternut squash met with the tanginess and softness of goat cheese spread on a toasted baguette.?

Thanksgiving is all about sharing food. But it's not all about turkey and side dishes! The appetizers and snacks you serve before the meal (or after if you didn't get enough to eat!) are just as important to think about.

Don't miss these easy appetizers for any time of year!

When to Serve Appetizers at Thanksgiving

Whether you are hosting a more formal Thanksgiving dinner or a casual affair, having appetizers and snacks available for everyone to snack on is a must.

Serve Thanksgiving appetizers...

  • to snack on while you are cooking and baking throughout the day
  • when watching the parade and dog shows
  • for snacking on during the big games
  • while guests mix and mingle before dinner
  • after dinner, when tummies have settled and snacks are needed
  • as a snacky dinner after an earlier feast
  • the day after with leftovers
Quick appetizers are a must for parties and family get togethers! This Pepper Jelly Cream Cheese Appetizer is a huge holiday tradition because it's super easy to make and the whole family can enjoy it! It's simply a block of cream cheese with your choice of pepper jelly or fruit preserve on top, served with Back to Nature Pink Himalayan multi-grain crackers. The combination is a perfect blend of sweet, spicy and salty!

What Kinds of Thanksgiving Appetizers to Serve

Since Thanksgiving is a fall holiday, you can bring fall flavors into everyday appetizers. Giving these snacks a fall twist makes the event feel festive. Here are a few easy ideas:

  • Charcuterie plate: Crackers or crostini, with apple butter, cranberry jam or cranberry sauce, honey, cheese slices and cured meats like pepperoni
  • Crostini ideas: 9+ Crostini recipes
  • Olive oil dip: Warm bread (fresh or frozen that you can warm in the oven) and a plate of olive oil with a drizzle of Italian seasoning for dipping
  • Chips & salsa: Tortilla chips and pumpkin salsa
  • Hummus & pita chips: Pumpkin hummus or butternut hummus and pita chips
  • Flatbread pizzas: Pita bread with pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and any toppings you have on hand
Glass of sangria made with lime, orange and cranberry.

What to Drink with Thanksgiving Appetizers

Don't forget to think about drinks when you are planning your Thanksgiving appetizer spread!

Here are some favorites:

  • Beer: Go for a simple lager or wheat beer, or whatever the favorite is!
  • Wine: Grab a mixture of white and red.
  • Spiced Apple Cider: It's non-alcoholic but you can add rum or bourbon if you like.
  • Champagne: Thanksgiving is worth celebrating!
  • Spiced Cranberry Sangria: This wine drink has extra festive flavors.
  • Sparkling Cranberry Ginger Ale Punch: This non-alcoholic punch is great for the kiddos.

The Best Thanksgiving Appetizers

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