Side Dishes for Lemon Chicken

Looking for side dishes for lemon chicken? You've come to the right place. Lemon chicken is the perfect blend of citrusy and savory flavors, making it an ideal choice for any meal. The versatility of this dish makes it perfect for any occasion, whether you are cooking for a family dinner or a fancy dinner party.

cut chicken thighs on a plate

What is Lemon Chicken?

Lemon chicken refers to any cut of chicken that has been either seasoned with a lemony seasoning such as lemon pepper or marinated in a citrusy lemon marinade.

There are lots of popular recipes for lemon chicken.

Lemon is a common flavor in Mediterranean cooking, so you typically see lemon dishes with the addition of capers, artichokes and olives. This lemon chicken piccata is a great example. You can even enjoy these flavors together in lemon chicken soup.

It's also not unusual to see lemon chicken in French and American cuisines, usually flavored with herbs, such as lemon dill chicken or lemon garlic chicken.

Lemon can also be used where you'd use other citrus fruits. This Chinese lemon chicken is a great alternative to orange chicken, or you could make grilled chicken fajitas with lemon instead of lime.

Close up of crispy chicken thigh with lemon pepper seasoning plated with broccoli and potatoes.

Ways to Eat Lemon Chicken

Want something simple? Nestle some creamy lemon chicken or lemon chicken meatballs on a bed of grains, rice, or risotto.

You can even slide it between two pieces of your favorite bread (sourdough is my favorite 😉 ) to take it on the go.

And for those trying to cut out those carbs, toss your chicken on top of some fresh greens like spinach, kale, or arugula for a wholesome salad. Add a lemon vinaigrette on top.

Or you could serve it as a primary protein plated with a few side dishes for lemon chicken.

Lemon Chicken Side Dishes

So you've decided on your main lemon chicken dish. (If not, might I recommend lemon pepper chicken thighs?)

Now to compliment it with some excellent side dishes and there are so many options.

Not sure where to start? Take a look at the list I've rounded up below to get some ideas on what to serve with your lemon chicken.

Sides Dishes For Lemon Chicken

Add these savory and sweet side dishes to your next lemon chicken dinner!

lemon cheesecakes on a wood board

Desserts for Lemon Chicken

And you can't forget dessert! Here are some favorite fruity desserts to pair with your lemon chicken:

Which one(s) are you going to try? Leave a comment below.

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