The Best Coffee Recipes

Coffee makes for a delightful morning cup, but its flavor works beyond drinks. These coffee recipes show you how you can enjoy delicious coffee drinks as well as its culinary uses.

whipped cream has been added to the mug of hot coffee.

The Best Coffee Beans

When you are drinking coffee, the strength of the coffee matters because everyone has their own personal taste.

Some people prefer light roasts or medium roasts, as they are milder and less acidic. Others like dark roasts and espresso, which are stronger types of coffee.

When baking or cooking with coffee, a medium or dark roast will help to make the coffee flavor shine.

Experiment with different types of coffee beans and methods of brewing (like cold brew) in your recipes and see what you like.

These cappuccino coffee cake muffins are the perfect way to start your morning! A twist on a classic coffee cake recipe, these muffins have a crumble toppings and cappuccino icing drizzled on top. These make the perfect quick breakfast or a baked good to bring to a friend or neighbor.

How to Make Coffee More Interesting

If you're tired of the same morning coffee routine, you can try adding one of these mix-ins to your drink.

  • pure sugar
  • different types of milk or cream
  • flavored simple syrup like caramel or Vanilla Coffee Syrup
  • chocolate syrup
  • ice (for iced coffee)
  • whipped cream
  • liqueurs, such as Irish cream or coffee liqueur
  • spirits, like whiskey and rum
  • a pinch of cinnamon

Part of the fun of being a coffee lover is that you can explore your own flavor combinations.

But if that sounds like too much work, don't miss some of our favorite coffee recipes below!

An overhead shot of a coffee smoothie in a glass.

Uses for Coffee

Beyond coffee drinks like lattes and cappuccinos, there are so many recipes with coffee beans and coffee flavors that are so delicious. Here are a few unique ways you can use coffee:

Breakfast: Yes, coffee is a breakfast drink. But have you ever added it to a coffee smoothie? Coffee is also so good in these cappuccino muffins.

Savory applications: Ground coffee can be used as a rub for meat like steaks or mixed into pulled pork.

Desserts: You can use coffee with chocolatey and creamy desserts. Try adding some espresso to brownies or make espresso chocolate chip cookies. Coffee ice cream is another favorite!

And, of course, you can always snack on chocolate-covered espresso beans — one of my favorite treats.

The Best Coffee Recipes

From drinks to desserts, we've pulled together some of our top recipes that use coffee just for you.

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