The Best Grill Tools & Accessories

Planning to grill a lot this summer? You're going to need the best grill tools and a few accessories to assist you on your path to grillmaster.

tongs holding a porkchop

Are you ready to rock your grill this summer? Me too!

Once I learned how to grill anything, everything changed and now we cook most of our meals on the grill when the weather permits.

Grilling doesn't have to be just for barbecues, cookouts and parties. You can grill for weeknight dinners and save the leftovers to enjoy on a green salad for lunch the next day.

We grill everything from turkey burgers to chicken fajitas and shrimp skewers to pork chops for just about every occasion. Sometimes we even grill pizza!

I recommend stocking up on the best tools and accessories to up your grill game.

Below I'm sharing my top gadgets and must-haves for the ultimate grilling experience. Bonus: they make great Father's Day gifts too.

What is the best grill?

This comes down to your price point, size preference and preference for cooking method.

A charcoal grill like this one is a great inexpensive and space-saving option to try, especially if you aren't sure if you like grilling yet.

We have a gas grill similar to this Weber propane grill and it has served us well for years. I really enjoy cooking on a gas grill.

One day soon I'd like to upgrade to a Traeger wood pellet grill because they heat up super quickly which is great for our busy schedules.

If you live in an apartment or simply wish to grill during cold weather, there are plenty of indoor options too! This electric countertop grill is a great option.

a meat thermometer on a grilled porkchop

What equipment is needed for grilling?

There are three things everyone needs for grilling:

You can use these three things to cook just about anything on the grill.

Of course, there are lots of grill tools and accessories you can invest in when you're ready!

The Best Grill Tools & Accessories

Here are the best tools and accessories needed to master grilling.

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