Valentine's Day Date Night & Tablescape

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Looking for an easy date night in for Valentine?s Day this year? This easy Valentine's Day Date Night?is the perfect way to wow your sweetheart this year. Plan a gorgeous tablescape with stacked plates of different colors, mixed metals and fresh carnations for a stunning look!


Having a little one makes it difficult to get out and have date nights often. Plus, Steven and I have kind of realized that we can be home bodies a lot of the time. This year especially, we will be in our new house by Valentine?s Day and I can totally see us spending an evening cooking together in our new kitchen instead of spending a small fortune eating out at an overcrowded restaurant on Valentine?s Day.


The key to a perfect at home date night dinner is making it special. Of course every meal shared around the table is special, but if you?re forgoing going out for Valentine?s Day, you should make it obvious that this dinner is special, not just a regular evening at home.

One way I love to make the table shine is by really designing a tablescape. It starts with the right plates and gets morphed into the perfect themed tablescape. I really have a thing for layering plates so for this table design, I started with a gold charger then added a plastic red plate, a white dinner plate and finally an adorable ceramic heart plate. The varying sizes, shapes, colors and materials really elevate the look to make this a not your average casserole dinner kind of table.


I also have this thing for mixed metals lately, so I loved using my great grandmother?s antique silverware from the 1940?s, rose gold vases and mercury glass votives. Adding the silverware to this tablescape for a Valentine's Day Date Night really makes it feel special!

The key to a really great table design, though, is always something fresh. Fresh flowers and greenery are my absolute favorite. There?s nothing that will brighten a table design more quickly than a few vases of fresh flowers. The peach and pink carnations I picked up from Fry?s were the perfect final touch for this Valentine?s Day Date Night Tablescape.


Fry?s had such a vast selection of flowers it was a bit difficult to choose. But there?s something so timeless about carnations. Roses aren?t my favorite for Valentine?s Day (they?re just too common for me), but carnations are simple yet beautiful and the smell is amazing, too!

I arranged the carnations in a really easy way. In the mercury glass votives I paired together two carnations of one color and one of the other (two pink and one peach) and then in the second glass votive, I used the opposite combination (two peach and one pink) instead to add variety to the table design.


You can create a simple tablescape by adding carnations individually, in a wreath or bouquet and it will liven up your table! I always love when we can have fresh flowers around the house, especially when I can use them for multiple purposes, like center pieces on my dinner table.


With this easy tablescape you?ll be all set for a Valentine?s Day Date Night at Home with your sweetheart! Check back on Friday for the easy Cast Iron Grilled Steak recipe, too!

How will you be celebrating Valentine?s Day? Would you create a Valentine's Day Date Night with this tablescape?

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  1. This is just BRILLIANT, Madison! I love the mixing and matching of the plates and decor... and I adore the pops of pink, too. Such a fun, festive table for a holiday that's easy to celebrate at home.

  2. Oh I'm coming over for dinner! ???? This tablescape is so pretty! And I'm really excited for you guys that you'll be in your new house by Valentines Day!