How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee at Home

Do you enjoy a perfect cup of coffee from the coffeehouse and wish you could have it at home, too? Here is how to make the perfect cup of coffee right at home!

Do you enjoy a perfect cup of coffee from the coffeehouse and wish you could have it at home, too? Here is how to make the perfect cup of coffee right at home!

This post is part of a NESCAF? sponsored series series for Socialstars?. As always, all opinions are my own! Thank you for supporting the brands that help run A Joyfully Mad Kitchen!?

Some of my favorite life moments have been in coffee shops. One of my favorite things to do when I visit any new place is to explore the city through the various coffee shops in the city.?

There are so many conversations that happen over coffee, from catching up with old friends, to making new friends or going on a first date. Every time I get to sip on a latte there is so much nostalgia for those coffee moments.?
A woman holding a perfect cup of coffee in front of a computer.

I am a habitual three cups of coffee day kind of girl these days - you can thank my toddler for that. But my usual regular cup of coffee sometimes just doesn?t hit the spot like a?coffeehouse latte does. Recently that all changed. With the NESCAFɮ Dolce Gusto? machine, I?m able to get coffeehouse quality right at home and it?s safe to say I may never go back to my old single cup brewing system.?

Keurig k-cup vs Keurig k-cup: Finding the perfect cup of coffee.

The?NESCAF? Dolce Gusto has a professional-grade pressure system with 15 bars of pressure, which basically means your ?average? cup of coffee made at home will have that foamy, frothy consistency that you love to get at the coffee shop. For years I've asked for steamed milk if I get a regular brewed cup of coffee at a coffeeshop because I love the way foamed milk tastes in a latte. Because of his pressure system, my coffee automatically has that, without me needing to steam my milk or take any extra steps.?

A coffee maker is sitting on a table next to a perfect cup of coffee.

A basket filled with Keurig k-cups is placed next to a coffee maker, ensuring the perfect cup of coffee every time.

This coffee machine allows you to completely customize your coffee experience, just like at a coffeeshop. There are six morning varieties from 6 to 12 ounce drinks, even cappucinos! ?

I have a big of a mug obsession and many of my mugs would only get halfway filled up with my Keurig, but with the NESCAF? Dolce Gusto, my mugs fill all the way up to the top, which is important because every ounce of coffee helps this mama survive 😉 But no matter which cup I choose to drink from, there's a setting for it on my new coffee machine.?

A woman's hand holding the perfect cup of coffee on a desk.

Even though I work from home, one thing I do not get the luxury of is hoping over to the coffeeshop when I want to get a break from my home office and get some work done. Being a stay and work at home mama keeps me grounded to the house during the day, since I'm usually getting my work done during nap times. That's why this perfect coffeehouse coffee made right at home is a game changer for me. Even though I'm making just a regular cup of coffee, the foaminess brings that little bit of luxury that I would usually get at a coffeehouse, except I get to enjoy it right at home.

A perfect cup of coffee next to a coffee maker.

A person holding the perfect cup of coffee next to a coffee maker.

If you're like me and you love that coffeehouse cup of coffee or brewed latte, you're going to love the NESCAF? Dolce Gusto. AND lucky for you, NESCAF? has given my readers and exclusive 40% off coupon to get your own! Use code JOYFULLMAD40 to get your own NESCAF? Dolce Gusto.

In the comments, tell me which coffee blend you'd want to try first!

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